Thank You for Reading


Today is the last regular post on this blog. I must step back from my posts for now due to an increase in professional responsibilities. I’m grateful to have had this blog, especially during the pandemic, because it allowed me to do something that could help others using my library and writing skills. I like to think this blog had a small part in the fight against mis- and disinformation during the pandemic, helped people learn valuable source evaluation skills, and provided readers with some useful health information resources. I am not taking the blog page or my archive down, so the posts will still be accessible. Refer to them and share them as you see fit. 

Although this is my last regular post (I may add more when there is something I must write about), it is not the end of my writing journey; I’m still freelancing, I still do a lot of writing in my higher education career, and I write for myself. At some point, I would like to pick up blogging again or at least create a personal writing portfolio on my site. 

Thank you to my followers and people who have read my posts over the last year and a half. 


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